Psychic, though? That sounds like something out of science-fiction.

Psychic, Reader, Witch – the general concept of strange know-how all rolled up in the fancy core-world word of Xenosnous. Of course, it can mean all that your favourite bedtime stories have frightened you into thinking, too.

The Xenosnous feat must be taken at 1st level (unless you can make a real convincing story to the DM as to why this ability hasn’t shown up earlier) and permits development of the Craft: Reader skill, which is the means by which the extrasensory abilities work.

Additional feats can be acquired as part of a feat chain to refine or manifest extraordinary powers that defy explanation.

Some feats are available to non-readers affiliated with certain institutions investigating the nature of Xenosnous. Involvement with these institutions is limited, and the nature of their research or experimentation is not on the public record.


Upon taking the feat, the character adds a reserve of points they can use each day.
To activate a power, they use the Craft: Reader skill (against a DC set by the level of opponent – lvl-O) and may need to spend a number of points from the reserve.

Point reserve per day advancement
Level Points per Day (plus Int bonus)
1 0
2 1
3 – 6 1 + 2 per level past 2
7 – 10 11+ 4 per level past 6
11 – 15 27 + 8 per level past 10
16 – 20 67 + 12 per level past 15
Beyond TBA

General guide on point cost:
DC 1 to 20: 0 points, but cannot be attempted if you have no points in your reserve. DM discretion to have cumulative use accrue to increase DC (and thus cost points).
DC 21 to 25: 1 point
DC 26 to 30: 2 points


Benefit: Grants as a class skill Craft (Reader). This skill grants use of a psychic ability to obtain details surrounding a Person, Place or Object.
Special: This Feat/Skill can trigger involuntarily during times of heightened stress.

All of the following is subject to GM discretion.
A reader can only gain vague flashes and impressions from any and all in the area with no capacity to identify to whom the thoughts belong. In worst cases the reader can begin to think the thoughts are their own and slowly go mad from so many differing and opposed thought processes simultaneously.
Whenever a reader tries to isolate a specific person’s mind to read, they must first make a concentration check DC:25.
They cannot in any way alter the mind of a specific person.
They can only gain uncontrolled and vague flashes and impressions of the past of an area.
They must be touching their target or within very close proximity (5m).
They can only see uncontrolled vision or random sounds from random people within the range of 500 meters.
They cannot gain audio or visual stimuli from non-humans or extrasensory stimuli from any creature.
They cannot normally gain insight to future events.
They cannot affect the temperature of a substance or alter the physical position of an object around them.

Location DC
Uninhabited – 1 Large town centre – 15
Sparsely inhabited – 3 Large spaceport – 18
Homestead – 5 City centre – 20
Trade outpost – 7 Very large spaceport – 23
Small town centre – 10 Metropolis centre – 25
Small spaceport – 12 Huge spaceport – 28


15 + lvl-O: actively sense if a person, object or location is in distress/unease.
20 + lvl-O: probe for an empathic impression of person, object or location.

20 + location lvl-O: Gain a sense of navigating through an unfamiliar place. +4 to navigation for that location.

10 + lvl-O: actively sense if a person is nervous in a social setting. +2 to sense motive.

Transcendence! TBA – Conversion to a psychic entity without physical form.


Once a reader has used their allotment of points for a day, they are considered to have reached the limits their psyche would safely permit. At risk to themselves, readers may attempt to use their powers beyond what is in their reserve as a last ditch effort.

Points exceeding 0 Save DC Negative Effects
0 to -5 10+points used+lvl-O Dazed for # of rounds equal to the total points used.
-6 to -10 " Fascinated for # of rounds equal to the total points used. Suffers a temporary psychosis (1 temp Edu Damage).
-11 to -15 " Frightened for # of rounds equal to the total points used. Suffers from (treatable) mental scarring. 1 Edu Damage.


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